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Don’t Toss Those Seeds!
When we consume lemons, we usually enjoy the juice, pulp, and zest without giving much thought to the seeds. But why should we discard them? Lemon seeds can be utilized in a variety of ways, adding extra value to this already incredible fruit. Let’s learn how to make the most of them.

Growing Your Own Lemon Tree
After squeezing a lemon, set aside the seeds and give them a thorough rinse with room temperature water. Once cleaned, spread them out on a paper towel and allow them to dry completely. Now, it’s time to “peel” the seeds by removing the outer layer with a pair of tweezers.

Take a small container, like a yogurt pot, and place some damp cotton inside. Plant the seed in the cotton and give it at least a week to grow. Soon, you will see a little shoot emerging from the seed. Keep the cotton and the surrounding area moist until the sapling starts developing tiny roots. Then, transfer the seedling to a small container filled with a well-draining soil and perlite mixture. For optimal growth, ensure the plant is kept in a warm, well-ventilated place away from drafts. With patience and care, your lemon tree will eventually bear delicious fruits once it reaches maturity.

Creating a Refreshing Scent
Lemon seeds have more to offer than just the potential for new plants. They can be used to create a delightful scent for your drawers, cabinets, and even specific areas of your home, such as the bathroom. After rinsing the seeds, leave the skin intact. Even after washing, citrus seeds retain their unique aroma for a long time. Simply place them in a small canvas bag and use it to infuse a lemony fragrance into your living spaces. During the winter, hang the bag by the radiator to fill the air with a refreshing scent. Discover the many qualities of citrus seeds and make the most of their wonderful attributes.

Don’t let lemon seeds go to waste any longer! Embrace their potential as you embark on new DIY projects and explore the captivating uses of these tiny yet valuable seeds. Let the magic of lemons extend beyond their juice and zest, enriching your life in unexpected ways.

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